Gifts for Children Other Than Toys


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Have you ever noticed that sometimes very young kids are happier with the wrapping paper than the present? Often, the less complicated a gift is, the more it engages a child’s imagination. So, consider stuffing a stocking with these timeless toys:

  • Bag of marbles, polished rocks, sea shells, or foreign coins
  • Magnifying glass
  • Telescope
  • Stamp and stamp pad
  • Building blocks
  • Modeling clay or homemade play dough
  • Drawing pad and crayons or other art supplies
  • Empty food boxes, play money, and a cash box for running an imaginary store
  • Old business forms, rubber stamps, and file folders to play office Scrap wood, cardboard, shingles, a hammer, non-toxic paint, etc. for building a clubhouse, and a map showing where it can be built
  • A cookbook with simple, healthy recipes
  • Gardening tools, seeds, and pots of soil for indoor gardening
  • A treasure hunt with a series of mysterious clues for children to follow
  • A subscription to a magazine that explores the larger world Silk nightgowns, wild shoes, silly ties, and hats for playing dress-up
  • Offer to throw a party in any month a child wishes, with a choice of party themes
  • Books—with skits, plays, or story of interest
  • Membership to local children’s museum or zoo
  • Adopt an animal in the child’s name

What are some suggestions you have for Christmas gifts?

Leanne Manning, Extension Educator | The Learning Child

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